frog escapes…again

October 16, 2009

frogThis morning (for the third time) we found this denizen of our lily pond leisurely stroking his way in the swimming pool

How he (or she–how does one tell?) manages in the stealth of night to hop out of the pond and infiltrate the swimming pool,  despite its cover, is a mystery none of us can fathom.

Of course, we all understand that the frog is looking for a bigger arena to practice–but we think the normal (human) occupants of the pool may be upset by the presence of an alien life form.

If, however, we find the frog in the pool one more time–I vote to let it stay.


One Response to “frog escapes…again”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Dear Brett,
    It is almost Thanksgiving and that brings thoughts of your delicious pumpkin bread to mind. In my quest to find the perfect recipe, I can only imagine yours! Please please please consider sharing it with me.
    I’ve loved catching up on your adventures in San Miguel and look forward to reading about the success of your oasis. It looks just beautiful.
    Take good care,
    Lisa Gold

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