my ship comes in…

October 6, 2009

crateIn my last post,  I resigned myself to the abandonment of a fabulous shipment from India…because of Mexico’s incredibly convoluted and protectionist and esoteric import restrictions.

However, at the same time I, with the help of my ever- tactful manager, was negotiating for my other (equally fabulous) shipment from India which was stalled in Veracruz.

And, will wonders never cease, it has finally cleared customs, and will be wending its way to me….it only took 6 months and various dubious practices…

Amongst the treasures that are not for sale are two saris….that I couldn’t resist buying (despite my beloved brother’s fervent cri de coeur that he hoped I wasn’t going to turn into one of those idiotic western women who go around swathed in a sari with a bindi…(actually, that had been my plan…)).

Anyway, I can’t wait!


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