on the one hand

July 31, 2009

self-sufficient-life-coverThis morning I was standing on the roof  looking out over the countryside.  I heard before I saw them, Eric and Cristobal racing to work on Tequila and Christina, with Tequila’s foal trying to keep up.  In the distance, I could see the staff car, stopped on the road while the shepherd urged his flock of goats and sheep on ahead.  The sky was an incredibly clear blue, without a cloud, and I could see the mountains clearly in the distance.  Can life be better than this?
Yesterday was not a good day. The previous night, we had a torrential rain storm which knocked out the transformer and resulted in both the water pump at my house and the pool pump at Shanti burning out. Clearly, both of them had to be fixed–and immediately. In Mexico, that means cash on the barrel head–it’s as if credit cards had never been invented.

I remember years ago in Chicago when I had to put a new roof on my restaurant and it cost about $6000 (which I charged).  And for weeks I couldn’t sleep wondering how I would pay for it.  And now, years later, I’m worrying about scraping together $600..


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