employee of the month

July 26, 2009

horsesAlejandro (the handyman) and I were walking along the barbed wire fence that separates my property from the surrounding ranches, when two young boys rode up on their horses, asking if there was any work to be had.

We are in the process of putting in a vegetable garden, and my other employees were helping haul rocks away from the designated area, when Felipe (the cook) went tumbling down the hill when the wheelbarrow overturned, and I decided that possibly this was an unwise use of labor…so the boys showed up at the right time.

And since their horses were going to be hanging out with us while their owners were working, why not put them to use as well by offering rides around the property?  (And they also provide the best possible fertilizer for free!)

This is a picture of Tequila and her month old foal–so if you come to Shanti, we now offer horseback riding–the only caveat is Tequila has never worn a saddle or a bridle…


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