country living

December 2, 2008


My brother says my writing is occasionally a bit florid.

That’s why I’ve hesitated to write about what it feels like to live out here in the open country, driving past the shepherd tending his flock of cows and goats, through the harvested fields with their triangular ricks of golden sheaves, to watch the sun set over the mountains from my roof.

I wonder how it will feel when Shanti (or, as that same brother calls it, the Taj) is finished and my home out here will only be a few steps from an active business.

I think I’m reluctant to surrender this sense of tranquility…I can only hope that I can share some of the peace I feel out here with the people that I hope will come to visit.


4 Responses to “country living”

  1. Frank Kary Says:

    In my view, your writing isn’t florid. It’s simple, personal, and quite lovely. You should write more. You probably have a lot to say.

  2. Mary Ann Merikoski Says:

    My husband and I are former patrons of Brett’s on Roscoe. Still miss the place. Have been checking on your progress periodically, as we are also San Miguel fans. I love the idea of a getaway outside of town. We needed that when we were there, as our rental didn’t have a pool. Most don’t, right? Hope things continue to progress well.

  3. Andrea Gallagher Says:


    How’s the new life? I wished I could have gotten together for a bon voyage! Please keep touch and send me your contact info.


  4. ryan Says:

    Another canoe season is about to begin w/o food from the cafe americain. I hope things are coming together nicely.

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