en casa en San Miguel

August 18, 2008

Saraswati (the Hindu goddess of the arts and education) welcomes me home to my casita in Mexico where I have been living (finally!) for the past three months.

I drove down with my ever-supportive brother–in my brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser (which my architect refers to as the drug dealer car, and which always get admiring looks at the Pemex station).

I live out in the country (el campo) at the end of a dirt road, and without the high undercarriage and 4wheel drive of my trusty vehicle, I’d probably be hiking up the road, past the goats, and the cows and the horses. My brother had his doubts about the wisdom of my living out here, away from the historic center and the scattered developments of San Miguel, but every time I turn off the main road, and have to pull to the side to let the goats charge pass, and then drive through the big iron gates that close off the ranch at night, I look up at the sky and the mountains and wonder why I ever lived in a city.

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking since I moved here about the kind of business I want to open–and my plans have gone through some changes (it’s different in the field, you know).

I’ve come to the conclusion (and hope that I’m right) that there are others like me, living or visiting San Miguel, who would like to spend the day in the country–by a pool, reading, idling, perhaps taking a yoga class or indulging in some spa services, and enjoying a good meal. So my new plan, rather than an inn, is a day “club”–that one could come to for relaxation. And I’ve signed a contract with the architect and the pool designer, and we’ve begun to break ground…for Shanti San Miguel.

I’m thinking an early spring opening; my problem will be to find support staff for ayurvedic massage and other services that I hope to offer…I would like to model my business on Balispirit (in Bali), which manages to offer yoga and run a great restaurant, and also be very proactive in social causes in Bali…the challenge is to get people out of “el centro” in San Miguel.


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