from the sculptor

May 24, 2007

from M. Kanniappan,

Sagunthala Sculpture,


Good Morning Madam,

I am keeping well and I wish and pray the God for the goodness and prosperity of your family there.

I am very proud of the Lord Ganesha Statue, sent to you by last week. Your selection of Lord Ganesha Statue is the most precious one; because throughout the whole Hindu religion and culture of India, Lord Ganesha is the first and the most important God for any rituals as in the temple or in the home as well.

So, this Lord Ganesha Sculpture would bring good and satisfied life for both of you and me also. The quality and power of Lord Ganesha is to give happiness to life and take away all the unwanted worries. To bring goodness to life and take away all the badness from us. And so that all your willingness in your life would be entirely satisfied by keeping the most precious statue of Lord Ganesha with you, all the time in your life.

Moreover, after as you have given the Lord Ganesha Statue order to me, at my place, I have taken special care and strived very hard to make the nice and full finishing of Lord Ganesha Statue according to your entire satisfaction and admiration.

I have taken much care to finish the fullness of the Sculpture of Lord Ganesha as because lakhs of people at America should see it, and admire the beauty and art of the Sculpture as well. Also you should be admired by your people for your good selection of Lord Ganesha Statue.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

M. Kanniappan


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